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JWJ Listening Guide: Taking Back the Bedroom

Authentic Intimacy

JWJ Listening Guide: Taking Back the Bedroom

$ 20.00

A wife’s guide to sex and intimacy.

Every marriage contends with highs and lows in the bedroom. For some couples it’s a fire that’s fizzling out, while others have always struggled to find a spark. In Taking Back the Bedroom, you’ll hear some of our most popular content for understanding God’s design for sexuality within marriage. This JWJ Listening Guide includes:

  • #262 & #263: Experiencing Sexual Pleasure, Part 1 & 2
  • #117: How Your Sex Life Is Connected to Your Spiritual Life
  • #123: How Your Differences Can Make You a Better Lover
  • #234: You Can Do THAT in the Bedroom?
  • #179: When Sex is Not Good
  • #246: Lies You Believe About Sex

The practical conversations in this JWJ Listening Guide bring Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow’s teaching from Passion Pursuit to the coffee shop. You’ll also receive a digital listening guide with questions for reflection after each episode, which are ideal for individual or group use. So grab your Java, grab a journal, and grab some friends as you listen to this special collection of Java with Juli episodes.

*Sales of digital materials, including videos, JWJ Listening Guide, and online book studies are final and are not refundable. 

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