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3 Conversations to Help You Heal from Sexual Trauma Webinar Series

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3 Conversations to Help You Heal from Sexual Trauma Webinar Series

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Sexual trauma has the potential to destroy lives and relationships. Here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to. Healthy friendships, skilled counselors, and supportive environments can be grace-filled conduits of God’s healing for sexual abuse survivors.

That’s why we created this three-part series to better understand what sexual trauma is and how it’s different from other types of trauma. You’ll learn about the importance of sharing your story and being a safe person to hear someone else's. We will talk about how sexual trauma affects you and what the road to healing looks like. We will also address how couples can practice empathy and communication and move together toward sexual wholeness and intimacy. Each session includes a one-hour digital video to watch online with teaching from Juli and her guests and Q&A from webinar participants. This webinar series also includes a PDF of follow-up resources and a series of blogs by Dr. Juli.

The "3 Conversations to Help You Heal from Sexual Trauma" webinar series includes:

  • Session 1: "Your Abuse Story: How To Tell, What To Tell, and Why It Matters" with Dawn Scott Damon
  • Session 2: "What Is Sexual Trauma & How Does it Affect You?" with Aline-Vanya Guillaume, LCSW
  • Session 3: "From Sexual Trauma to Sexual Intimacy (It Takes Two)" with Matt & Victoria Gutbrod, MA, LPCC-S

*Sales of digital materials, including videos, Java packs, and online book studies are final and are not refundable. 

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