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Sex by Design Set

Abby Ludvigson

Sex by Design Set

$ 55.00

1 - Sex by Design DVD
1 - Parent Guidebook
1 - Teen Guidebook

Our youth are growing up at a time when it has never been more challenging to live out a sexually pure lifestyle. They are drowning in a tidal wave of sexual messages every day and are bombarded by a counterfeit to God’s best plan for them. Many are left to wade through the pain and regret of their choices.

Parents! You are the key to turning the tide of our sexualized youth culture. Abby Ludvigson’s Sex by Design home study course will provide you with sound Biblical content, resources and the confidence to dialogue with your teen on this critical topic.

First, your teen gets to know and hear from Abby personally – a relevant and real role model living out the purity message herself.

Secondly, Abby has gathered and filtered Biblically sound content from today’s leading experts and put them all into one central place for your easy access. This will save you precious time and provide you with a central ‘hub’ you can turn to for everything on sexual purity.

This is Abby’s seven-part teaching series which focuses on the foundational principles to living pure. Each DVD lesson is about 20-25 minutes long.

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