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Authentic Intimacy

Conference Bundle: GSYM Small Group Curriculum - Leader Kit

$ 80.00

NOTE: This is a conference pack so physical products are NOT shipped out. They must be picked up at the conference.

We know talking about sex can be, well, overwhelming. Where do you begin? What are healthy boundaries to guide the conversation in a small group setting? After ten years of ministry in the area of biblical sexuality, let Dr. Juli Slattery be your guide!

With this leader kit, you will receive a welcome video from Juli as well as an in-depth facilitator’s guide so you are ready to start, lead, and complete your group with confidence. This facilitator’s guide includes marketing collateral, suggested layouts for each session, follow-up resources, tips for leading, a sample group covenant, and more. Let us take the pressure off as you join us in reclaiming God’s design for sex in marriage!

This package includes:

  • one God, Sex, and Your Marriage book by Dr. Juli Slattery
  • two God, Sex, and Your Marriage workbooks
  • a welcome video for leaders from Dr. Juli Slattery*
  • nine teaching videos by Dr. Juli Slattery*
  • a digital facilitator's guide
  • a digital conversation guide, "Let's Talk About Sex"

*You will receive links to stream the videos. With this purchase, you will receive the rights to play these videos in small group settings.


  • Session 1: What Does a Healthy Sex Life Look Like?
  • Session 2: Understanding God's Story of Sex
  • Session 3: Pursuing Sexual Integrity
  • Session 4: Pillar One | Faithfulness
  • Session 5: Pillar Two | Intimate Knowing
  • Session 6: Pillar Three | Sacrificial Love
  • Session 7: Pillar Four | Passionate Celebration
  • Session 8: Overcoming Barriers
  • Bonus Session 9: Confronting Counterfeit Intimacy

If you'd like to purchase 10 workbooks at a time, you can visit this page to purchase at a discount.

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